Postmark Express - Journey to the inbox

Act 3

The Great Email Reply Train

Act 3

Jordan and Mary walking through the hot hot desert. A mysterious snail with mail follows closely behind.

Wow... such hot... much sun... very thirst...

We'll grab some cool, clear water up yonder!

And old run down saloon with broken windows, spiders, and open letters. This place must have been an old salon, but recently converted to a saloon.

The Darknet Saloon. You will never find a more wretched hive of spam and phishery.

Jordan and Mary open the saloon doors and look shocked
A scary looking gang of giant noses and fish reading emails inside of a dark room look back at Jordan and Mary
Mary shocked pointing at the nosey gang

Son of a bounce! It's the Nosey Gang! Theiving phishers and scammers. Intercept your email and pretend to be you in hopes of scoring big.

Aachoo! The Nosey gang boss pointing while sneezing

Get that email!

Jordan, with letter in hand, and Mary on their horses going as fast as they can

Yip! Can’t let them get their snotty hands on my email, Mary!

C’mon! We’ll lose ‘em behind that train!

Jordan and Mary narrowly miss a reply train cutting off the nosey gang
A fish and the nosey gang boss shaking their hands in the air angrily

Aw carp! Email reply trains never end!

S'not the last time they see the likes of me!

Mary and Jordan settling down for the night. Jordan about to place a log over a fire

Phew, close one! Let's rest here for a nsec.

Thanks for helping me, Mary. Would've never made it this far without you.

Close up of Mary chatting it up with Jordo

No thanks needed, pup! So if you don’t mind me asking... What's so special about that email, anyways?

Close up of Jordan looking at the letter

It’s a message to my best friend, Lucy. At least she used to be. I said some things I need to apologize for. Hope it's not too late.

Mary roasting a marshmallow over the fire talking to Jordan

No offense, partner, but an apology over email? Woof!

She doesn't have a phone. No social media. This is my last chance, Mary...

A close up of Mary

Well, what’s email for if not connecting us to the ones we care about. We'll get your message delivered, Jordo. I promise.

Mary, Jordan, and their horses settling down for the night in the wild west

Thanks, Mary

And inheriting millions in rare coins... another thing email’s for.

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