Postmark Express - Journey to the inbox

Act 2

The Magnificent MSA

Act 2

Jordan falling into the internet. AKA the wild west

The internet
AKA The wild west

A cloud of smoke as Jordan crashes into the ground CRASH!
Jordan holds up a letter(email) from within a hole and a mysterious figure appears

Ugh... woof...

Doggone it, Jordan! Daylight’s a’burning and we've got a whole Internet to cross.

Jordan holding his head in confusion next to a mailbox with the flag up

Wha-what happened! Who the heck are you? Wait, am I a dog?!

Sender MUA

Mary, a cartoon dog, chattin' it up

The name’s Stagecoach Mary and what were you expecting to be...a cat?! Pawlease!

Jordan looking confused at the letter

Err... is this the email I just sent to Lucy? Do I have to deliver it myself?

Course! And if you want to deliver it to the Inbox we better be hopping!

Mary the super MSA flying fiercely through the air holding a letter

And you’re in luck, partner, ‘cause I'm the local MSA of these parts. I can get you to the MTA faster than a tumbleweed in a tornado.

Sender MSA

Jordan holding a letter while Mary is showing him the way

The what now? MTA?

Darn tootin’. Kind of like a post office for email. C’mon, I’ll show you!

A post office (MTA) with tons of letters on the roof

Here we are, Jordo! Gmail Gorge's Sender MTA! They'll help you get directions to where that message is going.

Sender MTA

A fancy dog dressed as a mail teller waving


Sender MTA

The mail teller holding an old phone

I’ll just call up the DNS office and they’ll know where your recipient is at...Yes, HELO? Where?! Outlook Oasis you say?

The mail teller pointing to a map while on the phone

All right, Jordan. Just take the SMTP Trail, ford the datastream, and then cross the tracks near the Darknet Saloon and it's on the right!

The mailer teller slapping a stamp on the letter

And here. This SPF stamp validates this message was sent from an authorized mail server. Tidy!

Jordan licking the envelope on the letter. Yuck!

And lick this and sign your name! Now it's sealed with DKIM, proving it was sent from an authorized sender and it wasn't altered.

Jordan looking nervously at the letter

I thought email just... appeared in the inbox after you hit send! I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll be trapped in here forever!

Mary excitedly pointing and marching forward

Don't get all dark mode on me, Jordo! I typically don't do this, but it looks like you could use the help. Let’s get along, lil’ doggy!

Jordan and Mary on their horses. Something is up with Jordans horse!


SMTP Trail 25

Jordan and Mary crossing a stream full of fish holding bits of paper. One fish is holding a sign that says Beggin' strips 20% off. Enter your email.

Wow! Whatta deal!

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