Postmark Express - Journey to the inbox

Act 5

A Fistful of Dogecoins

Act 5

Calamity jane walking

So I said, “I'm the MDA! Delivering to the inbox is my job! Move aside!” But she smelled things differently. She didn’t like the email I was delivering, I guess.

Jordan looking abruptly and looks scared. Calamity Jane pointing off to the distance

Yipes! Who was this dog?!

Spam Filter Spot. Right there. In front of your recipient's inbox.

A wild eyed spam filter bulldog named Spot sitting with a ripped up letter in her mouth

Spam Filter

A close up of Calamity Jane in her big cone talking

What in tarnations! Look, it’s Nosey McShnoz. Famous for spoofing legit senders. He’s trying to deliver some spam under your name, Jordan! Ol' Spam Filter Spot won't like that...

Nosy Mcshnoz dressed like Jordan holding a letter in front of Spot. Spot growls! Sniff! Sniff! Grrrrrrrrr

I'm Jordan, howdy howdy howdy! Just gonna squeeze by you here and deliver this totally legit email...

A cloud of chaos as spot rips up Nosey's letter. Nosey looks scared!
Mary nervously biting her nails next to Calamity Jane. A cloud of chaos ensues behind them as Spot continues ripping up the fake letter

Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln! Spot’s the ultimutt mother pupper. If she doesn't think your email is legit, there goes our chances of delivery!

Jordan looking determined rolling up his sleeves as Nosey runs away in the background dripping snot everywhere

Mary, you’ve taught me what it means to be a true email delivery dog. I can’t tuck tail and run now!

Calamity Jane and Mary watching Jordan walk over to spot

50 dogecoin he doesn't make it.

Jordan holding out his letter while Spot sniffs it

Good Spot... No spam here... See the SPF stamp? Smell the DKIM?

Spot happily wagging her tail looking up Bark! Bark!
Mary excitedly pumping her fist into the air

You've done it, Jordo! Ol’ Spot is letting you through! Yeehaw! Deliver that sucker to the inbox!

Jordan placing the letter into the recipient's mailbox. A giant glow can be seen as the letter is delivered.

Recipient MUA

Jordo and Mary high fiving!

Delivered! I couldn't have done it without you, Mary!

You've got some true grit, pup. Lucy’s gonna love that email!

Jordan and Mary riding their horses off into the sunset

Wow, what an adventure!

And all under 6 seconds!

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