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Robust libraries for fast and easy integration

Integrating email into your product doesn’t have to be a pain. With our RESTful email APIs and robust libraries in pretty much every programming language, integrating email is fast and easy—whether you’re sending transactional or broadcast/bulk email.

# Send an email with curl
  # Copy and paste this into terminal

  curl "" \
    -X POST \
    -H "Accept: application/json" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "X-Postmark-Server-Token: server token" \
    -d '{
    "From": "",
    "To": "",
    "Subject": "Postmark test",
    "TextBody": "Hello dear Postmark user.",
    "HtmlBody": "<html><body><strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.</body></html>",
    "MessageStream": "outbound"
# Send an email with the Postmark Rails Gem
  # Learn more ->

  # Add this to your gemfile
  gem 'postmark-rails'

  # Add this to your config/application.rb file:
  config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :postmark
  config.action_mailer.postmark_settings = { :api_token => "POSTMARK_API_TEST" }

  # Send the email
  class TestMailer < ActionMailer::Base
    def hello
        :subject => 'Hello from Postmark',
        :to  => '',
        :from => '',
        :html_body => '<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.',
        :track_opens => 'true'
# Send an email with the Postmark Ruby Gem
  # Learn more ->

  # Add the Postmark Ruby Gem to your Gemfile
  gem 'postmark'

  # Require gem
  require 'postmark'

  # Create an instance of Postmark::ApiClient
  client ='POSTMARK_API_TEST')

  # Example request
    from: '',
    to: '',
    subject: 'Hello from Postmark',
    html_body: '<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.',
    track_opens: true
// Send an email with the Postmark .NET library
  // Learn more ->

  // Install with NuGet
  PM> Install-Package Postmark

  // Import
  using PostmarkDotNet;

  // Example request
  PostmarkMessage message = new PostmarkMessage {
      From = "",
      To = "",
      Subject = "Hello from Postmark",
      HtmlBody = "<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.",
      TextBody = "Hello dear postmark user.",
      ReplyTo = "",
      TrackOpens = true,
      Headers = new NameValueCollection {{ "CUSTOM-HEADER", "value" }}

  PostmarkClient client = new PostmarkClient("POSTMARK_API_TEST");

  PostmarkResponse response = client.SendMessage(message);

  if(response.Status != PostmarkStatus.Success) {
      Console.WriteLine("Response was: " + response.Message);
// Send an email with the Postmark-PHP library
  // Learn more ->

  // Install with composer
  composer require wildbit/postmark-php

  // Import
  use Postmark\PostmarkClient;

  // Example request
  $client = new PostmarkClient("server token");

  $sendResult = $client->sendEmail(
    "Hello from Postmark!",
    "This is just a friendly 'hello' from your friends at Postmark."
// Send an email with the Postmark.js library
  // Learn more ->

  // Install with npm
  npm install postmark --save

  // Require
  var postmark = require("postmark");

  // Example request
  var client = new postmark.ServerClient("server token");

      "From": "",
      "To": "",
      "Subject": "Test",
      "TextBody": "Hello from Postmark!"

Do more than just send email

With our flexible email APIs you can manage domains and templates, retrieve stats, process inbound email, and so much more. For many email providers, APIs are an afterthought. Here at Postmark, we think API-first.

Why choose Postmark?

  • Unmatched deliverability

    Stellar deliverability

    We believe that every customer deserves great delivery. It’s just part of the deal when you use Postmark.

  • Developer-friendly documentation

    Developer-friendly documentation

    Learn how to get the most out of Postmark with our easy-to-follow getting started guides.

  • Top-notch support as a standard

    Top-notch support as a standard

    You will never be charged extra for great support. We’re always here to help whether it’s through email, live-chat, or a 1-on-1 call.

  • Real-time analytics

    Actionable email insights

    Whether it’s measuring email opens and clicks or gathering delivery insights, Postmark’s real-time analytics have got you covered.

  • Secure and GDPR friendly

    Secure and GDPR friendly

    We value your trust and work hard to protect your information—and that of your customers. Postmark is GDPR compliant.

  • Email authentication made easy

    Email authentication made easy

    We guide you through setting up DMARC and SPF to help protect your domain from spoofing.

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