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// Send an email with the Postmark-PHP library
// Learn more ->

// Install with composer
composer require wildbit/postmark-php

// Import
use Postmark\PostmarkClient;

// Example request
$client = new PostmarkClient("server token");

$sendResult = $client->sendEmail(
  "Hello from Postmark!",
  "This is just a friendly 'hello' from your friends at Postmark."

# Send an email with the Postmark Ruby Gem
# Learn more ->

# Add the Postmark Ruby Gem to your Gemfile
gem 'postmark'

# Require gem
require 'postmark'

# Create an instance of Postmark::ApiClient

# Example request
  from: '',
  to: '',
  subject: 'Hello from Postmark',
  html_body: '<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.',
  track_opens: true

# Send an email with the Postmark Rails Gem
# Learn more ->

# Add this to your gemfile
gem 'postmark-rails'

# Add this to your config/application.rb file:
config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :postmark
config.action_mailer.postmark_settings = { :api_token => "POSTMARK_API_TEST" }

# Send the email
class TestMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  def hello
      :subject => 'Hello from Postmark',
      :to  => '',
      :from => '',
      :html_body => '<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.',
      :track_opens => 'true'

# Send an email with the Postmark Python library
# Learn more ->

# Install the Postmark Python library with pip from the command line:
pip install postmarker

# Import
from postmarker.core import PostmarkClient

# Create an instance of the Postmark client
postmark = PostmarkClient(server_token='POSTMARK-SERVER-API-TOKEN-HERE')

# Send an email
  Subject='Postmark test',
  HtmlBody='HTML body goes here'

// Send an email with the Postmark .NET library
// Learn more ->

// Install with NuGet
PM> Install-Package Postmark

// Import
using PostmarkDotNet;

// Example request
PostmarkMessage message = new PostmarkMessage {
    From = "",
    To = "",
    Subject = "Hello from Postmark",
    HtmlBody = "<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.",
    TextBody = "Hello dear postmark user.",
    ReplyTo = "",
    TrackOpens = true,
    Headers = new NameValueCollection {{ "CUSTOM-HEADER", "value" }}

PostmarkClient client = new PostmarkClient("POSTMARK_API_TEST");

PostmarkResponse response = client.SendMessage(message);

if(response.Status != PostmarkStatus.Success) {
    Console.WriteLine("Response was: " + response.Message);

// Send an email with the Postmark.js library
// Learn more ->

// Install with npm
npm install postmark --save

// Require
var postmark = require("postmark");

// Example request
var client = new postmark.Client("server token");

    "From": "",
    "To": "",
    "Subject": "Test",
    "TextBody": "Hello from Postmark!"

# Send an email with curl
# Copy and paste this into terminal

curl "" \
  -X POST \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "X-Postmark-Server-Token: POSTMARK_API_TEST" \
  -d "{From: '', To: '', Subject: 'Hello from Postmark', HtmlBody: '<strong>Hello</strong> dear Postmark user.'}"

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