Postmark Express - Dun Dun Dunning

Dunning HQ

Looks like churn is at it again.

Shoppington DC


Zell Well

Stripe Strip



Square Square

Well, it’s a tale as old as email.

Churn loves to mess with payments...

...and it’s my job to put them back on track.

Still causing trouble, eh, churn?

Not you again, dunning!

What were you trying to do this time?

You’re such a know-it-owl, you figure it out.

Good day! Here to help ya with a small payment issue you may not have noticed.

Oh dear!

Nothing to worry about! This is what you can do.

5 minutes later...

Dun and dusted, yet again!

...You’re a hoot.

Will you ever give up?


I’ll get you next time, Dunning!

No, he won’t.

The end!

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Fio Dossetto

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Taylor Dow

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