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With Postmark, YouCanBook.me sends millions of emails with confidence

In this customer interview, we talked with Kate Reynier, Customer Success Team Lead at YouCanBook.me, an online scheduling tool for your team that eliminates back and forth emails and allows customer bookings straight into your calendar.

YouCanBook.me Customer Success Lead, Kate Reynier

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience and the work you do? #

YouCanBook.me is an online scheduling tool. We've been operating since 2008 and have customers all over the world. I am part of the Customer team, and I’ve been doing Customer Support and Customer Success for more than six years.

How are you using Postmark on projects today? #

We send more than a million emails a month. This includes our own transactional emails and also emails to our customers' customers confirming, reminding and following up on their bookings.

The Customer team relies on Postmark for information about email delivery. A customer might not be receiving emails for some reason so we check the activity log for details about the process as well as any issues that mean the email wasn't delivered. 

Before moving to Postmark, we used a competitor that was extremely limited in its activity logs. We could only search the last two weeks and there was no easy way to identify specific emails in a group that had gone to an email address. So while we could be reasonably confident that the information was generally correct, we weren't able to point to specific, individual emails and how they performed. 

This and other limitations meant we dreaded using their logs and preferred other troubleshooting options. When the team saw the Postmark activity log we sent up a collective cheer! It is clear, easy to read and includes exactly the level of detail we need to troubleshoot issues with confidence.

Why did you choose Postmark to deliver your transactional email? #

We had been looking for a long time for an alternative to the provider we were using due to their limitations and cost. Postmark has made it easier to help our customers because of its accessible and detailed activity log which means we get better information faster.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

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