Learn to use Postmark Inbound with Node.js & CouchDB

Since our launch on Tuesday, we’ve gotten lots of great questions and comments on Postmark’s new inbound email parsing service. Since, Mark Headd made a great open source contribution that we’ll be adding to our docs: a Node.js listener for Postmark Inbound that stores emails parsed by Postmark in CouchDB.

Even cooler than just open sourcing the code, Mark went above and beyond and recorded a handy screencast to walk you through what he built and how to use it - including the handiness of the way CouchDB handles serving up attachments (watch the video, you’ll see what I mean).

Big thanks to Mark for his contribution, and going the extra mile with the screencast which I’ve embedded below.

If you’d like to earn some free Postmark credits, email me and let me know what you’ve built that can help other people use Postmark Inbound easier! Code samples, screencasts, walkthroughs - the more useful and creative your contribution is, the more credits you’ll get!

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