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Customer interview: Meet JP Boily, founder of Metrics Watch

We’re excited to introduce you to JP Boily, the founder of Metrics Watch. They deliver email reports and alerts for Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Ads.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience and the work you do? #

Hey folks, I'm JP, founder of Metrics Watch. We do white-label email reports for agencies (Google Analytics, Adwords & Facebook Ads) and we also do real-time alerts for Google Analytics.

We also help businesses with Google Analytics audits, implementation, and training.

Before founding Metrics Watch, I was a full-time software engineer doing most Ruby on Rails development for startups and agencies. I still take some Rails work from time to time.

How are you using Postmark today? #

We're using Postmark to send all our password reset emails and similar stuff, as well as sending our reports and alerts to our customers. It's so good to have emails being sent super fast without any delays! Especially for our alerts! :)

What made you decide to deliver Metrics Watch's critical email with Postmark? #

Your focus on transactional email and speed. That's the number one reason I left my old provider. I can't afford to send real-time alerts and have them delayed for hours. That happened way too often on my previous provider.

Postmark is simple, and it just works. You focus on transactional email speed and delivery, and I focus on my business.

If you could add one feature to Postmark, what would it be? #

One thing maybe. Alerts when Metrics Watch gets more than X% of bounces during a period I can set. I know I can do it with webhooks, but I would love something built-in.

I'll explain the use case briefly: Metrics Watch has two products, reports and alerts. The reports, while important, are not THAT critical for most people. Alerts, on the other hand, those are very critical and need to be sent rapidly. I need to know ASAP if there are bounces on certain accounts.

For example, Greyhound uses Metrics Watch, and they rely on it to tell them if their online presence breaks in any way. They need to know ASAP, or they could lose quite a bit of money. If there are bounces on the Greyhound domain, it's important for me to know.

As I said, I assume it's not a typical use case...but that would be my #1 feature request.

If you could give fellow developers one piece of advice about how to implement and manage their transactional email, what would it be? #

I'm a big fan of automated testing, so I would say get the important parts of all your emails, and email flows unit tested. You don't want to break or remove by accident some core pieces of your emails, like a link to your billing page in a failed payment email, for example.

Also, keep things simple. Make email short and to the point.

Finally, monitor your bounces. Make sure not too many email bounces, figure out why they do and fix it.

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